Thursday, February 15, 2007

Japanese Edition Ahoy!

Heard today that the Japanese edition of The Book of Dreams will be published in April of this year. Can't wait to see it! I understand it will be in two volumes. Kodansha do the most exquisite covers and there are always smaller illustrations at the beginning of the book such as this one at the front of The Summer King (Granuaile's galley). I'll post some of their other illustrations plus the maps of Ireland in Japanese. Honestly, I just adore foreign translations. They are so exciting.


Laura said...

Oh yes please post the illustrations! Looking at all these foreign covers (thanks btw) it makes me think about how publishers make the books appeal to their market. The latest Canadian book covers have featured Victorian paintings of faeries. I remember the ones from the early 90s were drawings as well but were more contemporary. Does this mean we Canadians really like our art?

Anonymous said...

Hello. It's first time to write to you. I'm a Japanese living in Co. Carlow and big fan of your work!
Does this 'Japanese edition' mean they are going to publish paperbacks or new version? Because I have bought hardback one in 2001.

OR Melling said...

Hi Laura. The blue Victorian fairy painting on The Chronicles of Faerie 3-book edition was chosen by the art director at Penguin, but the Arthur Rackham print for 4-book compendium called The Golden Book of Faerie was chosen by me, (as was the name to go with it).

OR Melling said...

Konnichi wa, anonymous person! Domo arigato for writing. Have you read the blogs in Japanese? I have no idea how good or bad the translations are. But you couldn't have a hardback copy of The Book of Dreams as I didn't publish it in English until 2003. The book that came out in Japanese in 2001 was the hardback of The Summer King. The Book of Dreams is due out in Japanese this year in two volumes. I can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ms Melling, that Japanese again. By the way, my name is Tomomi, I forgot to wright.
I'm reading your blog in English, and I hope I'm doing it right.
Anyway the picture you have on your blog says 'Summer King', and I've got mixed up. I'm sorry.
I'm looking forword to see 'the book of dreams'.