Thursday, October 25, 2007

Away with the Fairies

Again. In a big country house in Co. Meath for a week doing research. It was FABULOUS. Did a course in advanced shamanism which included a sweatlodge, firewalk (bigger and longer than previous two), spirit boat, trance dance, holo-shamanic breathwork, night-stalking on Tara, and more. Pics to follow. I was transported. And - no kidding - a couple of real-life soul-shaking fairy experiences that will go directly into my work.


Anonymous said...

That is soo amazing i love your books i read them all the time

OR Melling said...


Amanda McGarry said...

AHHH what I would give for a Faerie experience! One day I will "take a vaction" to Ireland, and never come back! Cant wait to see how you will work them into future works!