Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Technology - Wahoo

Okay, on the urgings of Swedish Paddy and my daughter, I have finally invested in a couple of memory keys - Kingston 1 GB USB 2.0 Data Traveller. I just transferred ALL the files of the new book - 2nd Draft, Working File, Old Working File, and Pics (jpegs of the Outer Hebrides and the people I have physically based my characters on) - and migod, it took ALL of 5 seconds. I will not even mention how long it takes to do that using my various disks and their copies. But at the same time I feel I should have the disks as back-up to be sure to be sure. (Hey, writers lose entire ms all the time!) So I'll do that too. I'm still waiting for my laptop to arrive. I went Dell Microsoft again despite threatening to go Apple (another day). Will post a pic of the beauty when she arrives. For just over 500 euro I get a Notebook, Vista, Security, carrying case, and apple-green. It will be like Christmas when it comes. I'm a serious techno-baby, but I do love the stuff once I get used to it. I mean, I was the last person in Ireland holding out against a mobile phone (caved last year) and though I have yet to advance to predictive, I text a lot. My ringtone is cool. Old-fashioned yet reminiscent of the Matrix.

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What's wrong with Mac?