Thursday, July 10, 2008

Armchair Interviews

Well so much for keeping to my word and not blogging. Was it Oscar Wilde who said consistency is a sign of a lack of imagination? Just wanted to blog an amazing review site which I've recently discovered thanks to my US publicist. They have reviewed all three of The Chronicles of Faerie and very nicely indeed. Here it is: Have a look.


Anonymous said...

I'm the reviewer of your Faerie books and co-owner of Armchair Interviews in the United States. I so enjoyed your books (my introduction to your writing) and while I've traveled the world, and wanted to go to Ireland, it's not a place I've visited as yet. Your books shook those old travel bones and made the decision for me. Thank you for the delightful stories. I will be placing one of the reviews in my newspaper column in the Twin Cites and will encourage the young ones who yearn for adventure to read your work.
Andrea Sisco

Anjirika said...

Question: Don't Gwen and Laurel come from Canada, not the States? After all, I do recall Finn calling Gwen her 'Canadian Couz'

Other than that, the reviews are good. Simple, but good.