Friday, November 03, 2006

Canada 2006

Here's the schedule to date. Will add details of contacts as they come in, but this is a start. Don't be shy. Come say hi!
Nov 12, Sun: arrive Toronto
Nov 14, Tues: talk at Cobourg Library, 1:00 pm. All welcome.
Nov 15, Wed: possible visit to Alonquin Tea Co,
Nov 16, Thurs: talk at McGill, Montreal, 5:30-7:15 pm, Room 627, Faculty of Education
Nov 17, Fri: talk at McGill, Montreal, 12:30-1:45 pm, Room 613, Faculty of Education
Note: McGill Faculty of Education is at 3700 McTavish Street.**Visitors welcome, but please confirm with Dr Ann Beer at 514-398-5135.**
Bookstore visit to be announced.
Nov 20, Mon: talk at Toronto Public Library Roundtable. All welcome. For information see
Nov 23, Thurs: 12:30-1:30 pm, bookstore visit, Coles Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto. Contact: 416-865-0090.
Nov 23, Thurs: 7:30 pm There Be Faerie and Dragons: An evening of readings, chat, and music with OR Melling and Martin Springett, U of T Celtic Society, Senior Common Room, Brennan Hall, StMichael's College, University of Toronto. All welcome.


Salerio said...

ACK! McGill? Is it open to the public, or is it just university-related people?

In the worst-case scenario, hopefully I'll be able to make the bookstore visit...

Laura said...

Ooh, so excited! I'll try and be there for the Nov. 20 event. If you see someone hovering in the back, too afraid to make eye contact, that'll be me ;).

Sabrina said... to be on the West coast.

OR Melling said...

Yes, McGill is open to the public. There's a day and an evening event. Bookstore will be Babars or Paragraphe or both. Haven't heard back yet. And don't be shy, anyone! I'm very chatty and approachable. You probably won't get a word in edgewise. So do come and say who you are! Hopefully Vancouver Arts Festival one of these days?!

Salerio said...

Excellent! The downtown Babars or the Pointe-Claire one?

Pomona said...

Ditto to Sabrina, only East coast instead of West. We never seem to get any awesome writers here!