Friday, November 24, 2006

The Meeting Place

Have completed three great gigs in Toronto.
First, a Toronto Children's Roundtable event which took place at the Canadian Children's Book Centre on Monday evening. Good crowd, very receptive, lots of questions. There was a Children's Literature class from the University of Toronto who were ready to chat. We came up with a hilarious term for people who like to lurk around blogs but not make comments -- blurkers. And did some true bloggers show up who were too shy to say hi?!
Then I did a bookstore visit to Coles in the Royal Bank Plaza. They had a table of books and a tray of cookies. Thanks to Lori and Greg for looking after me.
My final event took place last night, for the Celtic Society at St Mike's, U of T. Wonderful crowd again. Two readers came all the way from Brampton by bus! Author/illustrator Martin Springett played the suite of music he has composed inspired by The Chronicles of Faerie, accompanied by his two beautiful daughters, Miriam and Rebecca, on silver flutes. That was really something, and what an honour. Martin and I chatted about our work, books were sold and signed, and we ended with questions. Thanks to Professor Anne Dooley of the Celtic Studies Department and Deb Scorsone who organised everything and Erin who looked after the bookstore. Bhí sé go h-íontach!


Salerio said...

Hey, blurkers are very respectable sometimes. (And of course I only say this because I'm a half-blurker myself.)

Has the suite been recorded? Anywhere I can get a copy?

deeshedee said...

It was great to see you and hear you talk about how and why you started writing. I loved Springett's interpretation of "The Light Bearer's Daughter" No COOkies or TEA! at the
U.of T!
To Salerio: Springett did say the music was in production.

Bookmark said...

Hey Dee, I posted on your site. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! And Salerio, check out Martin Springett's website at You could always write and ask him when the CDs will be available. He's still got the fourth book to do.