Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Japanese Endpapers

I promised to post more of the gorgeous endpapers from the Japanese editions. The Book of Dreams just arrived today, so here is a sample. It has been published in two volumes (you'll find the covers in the archives). Each volume has the same green secondary cover with soul-birds flying from the tree. The first volume has this lovely illustration of two sleeping soul-birds and The Book of Dreams itself. The second volume has a darling picture of my two favourite characters - guess who!


Laura said...

Wow.. the drawings are just beautiful.

It's great to hear (read?) that you're sticking to the schedule. Make sure you're also scheduling some time to relax :).

OR Melling said...

Ah yes, relaxing. What a concept. Just back from aqua-aerobics and must do the 2nd chapter of the day. This weekend there will be more firewalking in the mountains. A longer path this time!

tomomi said...

Hi, I just came back from Japan to Ireland and I got them over there and read them while I was there.
Just like other books of yours, they brought brilliant pictures of Canada into my head. I wish I can go there sometime. But at first I better explore Ireland more. Thank you for your books!!

OR Melling said...

Delighted to hear you like the Canadian book too!