Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Trance Mission Diaries

It's showtime! Next Saturday, March 3, my first original performance art piece will be happening at the Klinderdin Experimental Art Salon held in the Common Ground, Beverly Studios, Church Lane, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. I've done a few performance pieces in the past - The Life of Merlin on the Main Stage at the Mythic Journeys Conference in Atlanta with John & Cailtlin Matthews, Ari Berk, Toby Froud, and William Todd Jones; a gloriously wild piece with poet Michael Casey, in memory of Joseph Beuys, at the Ballyvaughan Poetry Festival in County Clare and some years after that, a performance of the work of Irish poet Frank Golden, In Daily Accord, at the Burren College of Art also in Co. Clare along with Frank and another poet, John Doorty. I love peforming but my own work hasn't created the space for me to do it until now. I've written a half-hour piece to be performed with an electronic sound artist and back-up vocalist and I'm ready to take it on the road. (May also put it online, we'll see.) My own version of Laurie Anderson crossed with Spalding Gray, The Trance Mission Diaries is memoir masquerading as cosmic myth and metaphor for life. More to come! #AreYouCrew