Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tour Schedule

So here's the cover of the new and utterly revised edition of The Summer King. It is done in shiny metallic inks and that blue has to be seen to be believed. Exquisite. Weird spooky thing: the girl in the picture looks like me when I was young and I even had a dress like that. But the cover artist couldn't have known. Meanwhile, my webmaster has set up a special page showing my tour schedule with a map (thanks, Piers!). You can access it by clicking here: I'm almost ready. Who knows, I might get the chance to blog when on tour.


Michelle said...

I have to tell you that I saw this book, and the cover and immediately picked up it up today at Books a Million in North Carolina today. Then I saw The Hunter's Moon and had to get that immediately as well. Now I'm a fourth of the way through The Hunter's Moon, and what a beautiful, beautiful story so far. Everything I love all rolled up in one. Faeries of course, young girls, and mysterious sloe eyed boys...*sigh*
Just thought I would pop by your blog and leave you a little note. I'm throughly enjoying myself! Love the covers, they tug at you!
Especially the one for The Summer King. Fantastic bloody title by the way. I'll be a happy camper for a few days thanks to you!
My Best,
Michelle Bailey

OR Melling said...

Thanks, Michelle! Just popped over to see your blogs. Fabulous stuff!