Saturday, July 22, 2006


That means 'listen' (or 'listen up' as we used to say in the Navy) and there should be an accent on the e like this - éist - but my PC won't do it on capitals. ANYHOO, I want to talk about music. I love the way Charles de Lint always names the music he listens to when he is writing (though I have never heard of any of the groups he mentions). All through the writing of The Summer King, I wore out Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings Suite. I love Howard Shore. (He's Canadian. It is the duty of Canadians to know when someone is Canadian and to let everyone else know.) For The Light-Bearer's Daughter, I appear to have gone completely Gaeilge, playing non-stop Eist [songs in their native language] with a variety of artists including the likes of Kate Bush (singing Mná na hEireann and doing a great job) growly-voiced Van Morrison, and Altan; Eist Arís (listen up again) including Capercaille, Clannad, The Chieftains - and Paul Brady breaking my heart with Bruach Loch Pontchartrain (ah, New Orleans); Ailleacht (beauty) by Pádraigín ní Uallacháin. I am hoping to get permission to use a song from the latter in the book.

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