Monday, March 26, 2007

It's Here!

My advance copy of the Abrams edition of The Light-Bearer's Daughter arrived today and omigod, it is only gorgeous! All goldy and shimmery. I couldn't have imagined a book more beautiful than the first two and yet here it is. It is due out in American bookstores as of May 1. Readers in other countries can order it online from (Sorry, but still no sign of my Canadian publishers bringing out the new versions.) At 348 pages, it is almost three times the size of the original. This is the most thorough re-write of all the books and I am very pleased with it. Excerpts will be published in the May online edition of the prestigious Journal of Mythic Arts, They are doing a Spring Special on Young Adult literature. Will keep you posted about that.

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Anonymous said...

Oh COME ON Penguin! If I can ever get a job there, this is one of those thing I'm going to mention ever so subtly, on a daily basis.

Enjoy the book my international friends!