Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Summer Queen

Sent off my Summer Queen speech to the mystical magical Greenman site. Will let you know when it goes up. (If you've forgotten the url, here it is: I do believe there will be music too. I am in noble company being so honoured. The great Jane Yolens was the Winter Queen a while back. Meanwhile, even as I draw near to the end of the Herculean task of revising The Chronicles of Faerie, I am already being inundated with ideas for characters, books, films, television series, and graphic novels, all clamouring to be given life. Recently I feared that my failure to embark on truly new work these past few years might have killed my Muse or at least driven her away. But, no, seems she was just waiting for me. Soon, dear heart, soon.

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Anonymous said...

Your Muse has been waiting quietly in the corner, with a cup of earl grey, waiting to be called upon again.