Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter

Damn, not getting a tap of work done this weekend! Reading the latest greatest Harry Potter. JK really and truly is a stunning story-teller. It is mesmerising. I can't stop reading it and I don't want to either. However, Finn just wrested the book from my clutching fingers. I put up a fight but she's much stronger than me. The only way I got it in the first place, of course, is that she fell asleep over it last night and I was up earlier. Hah! But now it's gone till my next chance to grab it. I guess I'll shower and get dressed and get on with the day. What time is it anyway? Omigod!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Harry Potter! My mom has trouble when it's meal time. She knows lots of noise distracts me from reading, so she uses that as her advantage! But the book is great. I'm just trying hard to stay away from certain websites. Nothing is goign to spoil it this time!

Alixandra said...

Ha, my mum would never have had a chance if she tried to take it away from me. I locked myself up in my room for 15 hours and read it in one go. The book is wonderful!