Thursday, November 22, 2007

Adult Work

I'm thinking about my one and only - so far - work of fiction for adults, Falling Out of Time, which I have not featured on my website. It's my sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll book. Here's the author photo on the back: me as a punky girl, taken by my punky artist sister, YM Whelan, see below.) The bar code is Penguin's. The book came out in Canada and the USA and got great reviews from the L.A. Times and Publisher's Weekly, but mixed reviews on the home front. However, someone did call me "the leprechaun of CanLit." I will include this book, now out of print, on my new website which is being created, even as we speak, by the brilliant Canadian web designer Terry Findlay: I won't give too much away - it will be up by Christmas - but there are sparkles and sounds! So, why am I thinking of my one and only - so far - work of fiction for adults? Because I am utterly entranced with my second work of adult fiction! Yes, it has taken me over and and I am working solely on it. I will get back to the Young Adult one some time next year.


tfindlay said...

"brilliant Canadian web designer"! Thank you! And thanks for including the link.

Anonymous said...

I bought this book in charity-shop in Cork last year.
To be honest with you I was bit shocked because I wasn't expected anything like this and I grew up almost drag free country Japan, I have no idea what young people's culture is like in Ireland.
But the strangest thing to me is I finally found and bought your book in Irend!!

OR Melling said...

Your welcome, Terry. And Tomomi, Falling Out of Time was only published in America and Canada, I have no idea how copies got over here. Though the content is racy, I didn't change my name. I figured if Roald Dahl could write adult and children's under the same name, so could I. And sorry, Sabrina I went to delete your repeated comment and the system deleted both!

Oh My Love My Love My Love said...

I Loved Falling Out Of Time very much!
I read it a few years ago and it was still vibrant and wonderful!

OR Melling said...

Thanks, Robyn! I think it's a flawed work, especially with regards to characterisation, but I like the poetic language and a lot of the images.