Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Green Earth and Golden Eagle

One of the great things about the Green Earth Book Award (along with them flying me over to Maryland for a book festival to receive my prize) is that I get to name an environmental agency who will also receive prize money. It wasn't hard to pick one. I've chosen The Golden Eagle Reintroduction Project which I list in the glossary of The Summer King. As mentioned in the book, the golden eagle was hunted to extinction in Ireland, and that extinction was still a fact when I wrote the first edition. You can imagine my delight at discovering, when writing the new and expanded version, that this was no longer true! Just like Mrs Sootie Woodhouse says in The Light-Bearer's Daughter: not all that is gone is gone forever. Do have a look at their site. There are gorgeous pictures of eagles and also red kites and other raptors. Come to think of it, given that the eagle is such an important bird to Americans, it's fitting that American support goes to this project.


Anonymous said...

Excellent choice!!! :-)

OR Melling said...

Thanks! Will be posting pic of first golden eagle chick born in Donegal in over a century (and in Ireland in over 50 years) as soon as I get it. Will be on my regular blog.