Friday, March 28, 2008

Life Imitates Art - Magic!

Here's something amazing a writer friend alerted me to: look at what they found deep in a lake in the Haliburton region of Ontario! What we are looking at, of course, is a dolmen, known portal to Faerie. Those of you who have read The Book of Dreams (I don't want to do a spoiler for those who haven't yet) are aware that I ask the question whether or not there is fairy magic in Canada. Well, guess what. Haliburton is not far from Creemore (a major setting in my book. Twilight Zone music.) And here's another stunning surprise. They are pretty certain this is not a glacial erratic yet there is no evidence that it has been constructed by humans. So, who put it there, eh? Here's the link if you want to read more about it:


Anonymous said...

that is so cool!

Anonymous said...

well, if the theory at the end of the article means anything, why would they build it in that particular structure.
yeah, its freaking awesome. Now I'm gonna spend my last week of summer searching for them in backyard... :)