Saturday, September 06, 2008

Slow Days

Not much to report in the way of work as I am taking it easy after finishing my new book and the copy-edit of The Book of Dreams. Wrote a 3,000 word profile of Susan Juby for the CANSCAIP newsletter called "Funny Girl (Peculiar and Ha Ha)" and now I am finishing up a book review for the Globe & Mail in Canada. Then I am taking a week off to go walkabout, visiting friends and relaxing altogether. Following that, it's back to work - the final draft of my adult book and two film projects. There's NCTE in Texas ahead, also, but that's November.


Anonymous said...

Film projects? I hope that we hear more of them soon! What kind of film projects are you working on?

Aside from that...I do hope that you have fun taking it easy. You deserve it. My copies of the first three books in the Chronicles of Faerie series (the newly published ones) arrived the other day and I have to say that the covers are SOOO pretty! I can't wait till book IV!

And I also can't wait for your other up and coming projects.

OR Melling said...

I'm writing scripts based on my two new books. Can't say much else, though. Too early to speak of such things. Thanks for your kind remarks!