Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More Su Blackwell

Here is a bed for a fairy queen. I love this artist's work. I mentioned on either this blog or my t'other blog that I was thinking of sending her one of my books, as she makes amazing book-cut paper sculptures. So I did send her a copy of The Light-Bearer's Daughter. Her website again if you haven't already had a look: www.sublackwell.co.uk.


Janet Lee Carey said...

I nomitated your blog for the I Love Your Blog Award!

See my blog for details :)

Janet Lee Carey

OR Melling said...

Oh thank you, Janet, you're a sweetheart. I'll try to pass this on, but right now I am all over the place and barely doing the things I MUST do, as opposed to the things I would LIKE or LOVE to do!

OR Melling said...

PS I rather love your blog also!