Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Work, Work, Work

I'm reviewing the final pass of the American edition of The Book of Dreams, weighing in at a full 700 pages counting the glossary. (As opposed to the Canadian edition at 535. Don't know how that happened. I remember trimming, not adding, and no the print isn't bigger.) Have to say, despite the usual self-doubts and artistic torment, I think it's quite good. Meanwhile I am up to Chapter 5 of the penultimate draft of my new adult work. I'm quietly enthusiastic about that too, though I confess the book scares me betimes. Big ideas. Have I the skill to write them? I've got good news about my new YA book (first of a series of six) but I never count my chickens until the contract is signed. Those are the three books I am juggling at the moment. The film projects are more nebulous - at the idea, pitch, and treatment stage; but I am in contact with no less than two producers, one producer/director, and one director. Who says you slow down when you get older?


sandi said...

films? as in- your book being translated into film? Which one?!

I love a long book (most times). If the story is captivating, I never want it to end.

Anonymous said...

Yes which book is being considered for becoming a film? That would simply be amzing!