Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Beautiful Place

There's no doubt that I was inspired by my stay at the Franciscan Friary in Multyfarnham. I brought the adult novel up with me. I had just started the penultimate draft, the one that is always blood, sweat and tears, the one that is "99% perspiration" after the first fiery blast of vision and inspiration, the one that always convinces me I can't write or, at least, I am not good enough a writer for this particular creation. The first day was indeed hard work but I persevered. Soon, however, I was flying along thanks to the early risings, prayers and meditation, delicious meals, and heady conversations with Friars and fellow artists. I made it to Chapter 15 of a 35-chapter book; and I am really thrilled and excited about what I am writing. Hopefully I can keep up the pace now that I am back home with the usual hundreds of distractions. Once this draft is done there is only the final polish which is my favourite draft as it is all paintwork, jewellery and decoration, all play and little work. That means I could have this book done and dusted by the spring. Wouldn't that be brill. (PS More pics of place over on my regular blog.)

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Wily said...

Franciscan Friary...and what on earth is that? Just curious...will stop by your blog more often.