Monday, March 30, 2009

Fabulous Findhorn

Just back from my Experience Week at Findhorn in Scotland. Here's where I stayed - Cluny Hill College on the edge of Forres, a beautiful Scottish town not far from Inverness. (Do I have a thing for big houses and castles or what?) Will tell more about that amazing week in future blogs. I am still a bit shaky as I managed to pick up a major bug while there. More anon.


sandi said...

That place is beautiful!

I am sorry you are sick. Hopefully you'll feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I just received my copy of the new USA version of 'Book of Dreams' and it is simply gorgeous. I can't wait to read it again!

Anya said...

well that sort of (REALLY) stinks. dont you just despise getting sick during (or immediatly after) a vacation? I fell your pain (theis is a girl that somehow got food poisoning the first night of my first (and only) cruise.