Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gale Group Ignorance

Bloody hell, I was just reading over this long database bio thing the Gale Group sent me for some series they do on modern authors (which I can't access unless I pay) and I could hardly believe my eyes. First they put: born, Dublin, Ireland. Then they put: nationality, British. How DUMB-ASS can you get? That kind of political and historical ignorance in what is supposed to be a research and information group is mind-staggering. Hardly inspires confidence in any other data they provide, eh? All my ancestors turned over in their graves.


Sarah said...

Oh, that must be terrible! Never knew Brits could mess things up so badly, as I am one myself. Raised in the States however. Did you reprimand them for it? They deserve it, being such a well-known company with such a staggering mistke. I don't blame your ancestors one bit! I'd do the same, for sure. Do you plan on using their services again?

Your works are supreme, and have inspired me to continue writing my own book. I had started it a few years back, determined to finish it. Unfortunately, I had to stash it away, my arist's work beckoning. Anyhow, upon reading I realized that you write a lot like I do, and dug up my story from its long-forgotten grave. I'm currently working on it, fast away at cleaning up the chapters, as I have no editor m'self. Kudos to you!! :D

OR Melling said...

Actually, I'm pretty certain the Gale Group is American. (This is not an error the British would make.)I don't use their service - you have to pay for it - but I think a lot of librarians and teachers do. And, yes, I did write a few strong words to them, but no response. Thanks for your kind words on my work and good luck with your own. Oh, and never depend on an editor to 'fix' your work. That's the writer's job!

Sarah said...

I've stumbled on many an error in my own work before, yes. As I was typing it, too! I'm hoping to write a shorter story on the mythical connections of the characters, though most of ther backgrounds are explained within the book. Do you, by any chance, know any good Gaelic guides, online that is? I'm including quite a few referances to the Kindred Folk, as most of he characters have either Elven or Fairy blood in them.

And are Pixie's worse than the Boctogai when it comes to Human encounters? In your personal opinion?