Monday, September 14, 2009

Barnes & Noble Blog

Here's my little piece on the Barnes & Noble blog if you want to have a read: It's a true story as my many siblings can confirm. I confess it's the same story - somewhat edited by B & N - which you will also find on the CANSCAIP site here: Now I must get back to this deadline. Big news coming soon. Yes, I know I keep hinting but all will be revealed in due time.


Oh My Love My Love My Love said...

Strange timing for me- as I helped a customer with finding her book and noted she was a fairly "local" author- the woman was soo excited to have Sharon's book in her hands. Her face was totally lit up !
I am not at all familiar with her writing- but funny that in my world two references to her on one day have occured!

My eldest daughter is now reading "The Singing Stone" ( she is 10) despite her wanting reading independence ( she wants to discover her own books) I have my books of yours from when I was her age so this is second generation of your fans!)
I wonder if Gabaldon had ever read The Druid's Tune?

cheers from the prairies,

OR Melling said...

Hmm, not sure how your comment ended up on this post & not the one about Sharon, but there's definitely a message from the universe there straight to you, Robyn: i.e. you must read her! And especially if you live on the prairies. She is one of the finest writers living today and seriously underrated and unsung. (A prophet in her own land etc) Thrilled to hear I'm going into the next generation. I passed on John Masefield's The Midnight Folk to my daughter and it is still one of her favourite books. Must confess I hadn't heard of Gabaldon until you mentioned her but I shall read her soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the news! :-) You're keeping us well in suspense, you know!


OR Melling said...

Hi NiiNii, I never announce things until contracts are signed, sealed and delivered! But once the babies are born, all will be revealed.:)