Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fibre Arts

I was doing some research on weaving for a character in my new young adult series and I discovered this amazing website: (Imagine spelling 'fibre' like that.) Actually I was looking through their magazine to which my artist sister Pat Burnes subscribes and that led me to the website. I love this piece by Jenny Lawrence, called Remembering Community II: Living Alone, 1999, nylon tulle on wood tray, fabric manipulated by thermoplastics. A desire and an idea is growing in my mind. I would like to learn how to weave on a loom. Have added that to my list of must-do-before-I-die.

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Brenda said...

Not surprisingly at all considering the medium I work in, but YEAH! I hardily recommend it! It's a lot easier than people think. :)