Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pat's Art Blog

I've already mentioned my artist sisters and here is another one. You can visit her blog at: A lot of her work (all of it?) is inspired by Bray, County Wicklow, our home town. In fact, one of her exhibitions was called Topophilia, which means "love of place." I guess it runs in the family. Many of my books begin in Bray. Here is a photo of Bray Head, which features prominently in The Summer King (photo credit: Pat Burnes, pinched off her blog site!)


Sabrina said...

I drove through Bray this summer, on my way to Powerscourt for the afternoon. My husband and I stopped to buy food for lunch. Seemed like a lovely place!

OR Melling said...

Ach, you should have let me know you were in town. I could have joined you for a cuppa! Hope you enjoyed Powerscourt too - either gardens or waterfall (two different parts of same desmesne).