Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sometimes life brings you full circle. It was decades ago when I first came to Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim to work in my aunt and uncle's hotel, The Commercial Hotel, Main street. Years later, my first book - The Druid's Tune - would be set in this town and on a farm just outside it, before my characters time-travel to ancient Ireland. And now here I am posting this in the library in Ballinamore because I am spending some time in nearby Jampa Ling. Firstly, I was thrilled to see The Hunter's Moon on display here in the library (and they didn't know I was coming) and then to find that there are also copies of The Druid's Tune and The Singing Stone in the local studies section. (They are the Irish published versions by O'Brien Press.) It always cheers up an author to see one's work in public. I'm also listed as a Leitrim writer! Had to smile at that.


Unknown said...

My mother was born in Ballinamore (1920); she left for England just before the 2nd WW.

I'm thinking about coming over to visit - with my sister - in the next couple of months.

I imagine I have quite a few relatives who I would like to connect with.

God bless you
Michael Gormley

OR Melling said...

Oh Michael I am sure people in Ballinamore will be delighted to see you. I remember a Gormley Guesthouse in the Main Street but I'm not sure if it's still open). Ex-pats usually arrive for the Ballinamore Festival in the summer - open air concerts, late pub nights and so on. Just be sure to book your accommodation ahead of time as the place is jampacked. The town has a site, so do check it out. A lovely place! Enjoy!