Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Celtic Warrior Princess

Well, it was a no brainer - the title change. Only a short way into the edit of the first book in my new series I realised that the word"princess" is loaded with all kinds of implicit notions like sophistication, manners, restrained emotion and good behaviour which couldn't be further from the character of my tempermental barbarian wild child, Fenora. Just add one word to "princess" - i.e. "warrior" - and all those notions go right out the casement window. Language is a virus, as William Burroughs once commented. Words are signifiers - was that Foucault? Derrida? well, all those semiotic/semiology types - and they come loaded with cultural layers of what is being signified. This gal is not a prissy princess. Far from it. Oh and go visit my new Facebook page for The Celtic Warrior Princess - and search "Celtic" and click if you like. She's just up new. (Image: (c) James Brady, Ireland)

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