Monday, May 23, 2011


Looks like I am going to have to eat crow on this one. (What a terrible expression, wonder where it comes from.) I've been reading about Amanda Hocking and her huge success via indie e-book publishing leading to a massive advance on her new YA series with a traditional publisher. Clever girl! I wish her well. It would appear that indie e-book publishing is the first real break for authors - in the master/slave relationship that is the publishing industry - since agents were invented. I'm afraid I don't see where writers' unions or associations have really mattered. They simply don't have the power. At the moment, the publishing industry is in a state of fear and chaos bordering on paralysis. They seem unable or unwilling to deal with the rapid advance of e-technology. Latest statistics show that e-book sales are passing regular book sales. We live in interesting times. If the publishers don't move with them, the writers must! Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your Chronicals of Faerie and wonder when or if the will be available as ebooks soon? My eyes r so bad that I only buy ebooks cuz I can make the print large enough to read. To bad publishers don,t get that issue.

OR Melling said...

Should be soon. I'll announce as soon as I know.