Friday, September 07, 2012

Chronicles of Faerie in eBook form!

The Chronicles of Faerie (revised and expanded editions) are now available as ebooks for Kindle readers at, for the Nook ereader at, and for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) on Apple's iBookstore. I haven't one of these myself - yet -but I'm rather pleased that I foresaw their existence in a passage in The Light-Bearer's Daughter, first published 2001. Dana meets the Chronicler, the Teller of Tales, who is leading a donkey laden down with panniers filled with books: There were paper scrolls and Egyptian papyri, tablets of wax and clay, manuscripts of vellum, hand-sewn texts bound in calfskin, some even inscribed on thin sheets of gold. There were modern books printed with glossy covers as well as talking books, computer disks and videotapes. A metallic box that glowed and hummed contained strange unrecognisable devices: laser, electronic and holographic books which Dana surmised belonged to the future. Have I changed my tune about ebooks? Of course I have. It just takes us old fogeys a bit longer to adapt to change.

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