Friday, May 17, 2013

People of the Great Journey

At last I can make my announcement! The delay was due to contract negotiations. I just don't believe in claiming things until the official paperwork is done and dusted. So here is a draft of the cover of my new book, best described as an adult fairy tale but I would also use the term "mystic fiction." I LOVE the cover design. A question has been added just above the stones (that's the Callanish megalith in the Outer Hebrides): WOULD YOU GO IF YOU WERE CALLED? My new publishers are Hay House UK (of the Louise Hay empire)and I love them to bits. See my blog post below with pic of yummy lunch. They have entirely renewed my faith in the publishing industry though I suspect they are the exception to the rule. The book will be out in November of this year, just before Christmas! Print and e-book will both be available in the UK, Eire, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand (I think that's everybody). Did I mention phone calls from Hollywood? No, I didn't. But there have been and, as with the announcement of the book, I will hold my fire until locked and loaded. (Hmm, military flavour to both posts today.)


Anonymous said...

will ye go lassie go?
And we'll all go together

count me in

Big dog

Anonymous said...

Oh I am beyond exited! ^_^ The book isn't on Goodreads yet, but I've written it in the November area of my calendar so that I remember! ^_^ Congrats on the announcement! ^_^