Friday, October 04, 2013


While the official pub date is November 3, I can see from the Hay House UK website that my new book PEOPLE OF THE GREAT JOURNEY is now available in print and e! Here's the link: And don't ask me why Blogger doesn't link anymore but it apparently doesn't so here is the Hay House website to make things easier: and just search for the title or author. Now let's be clear. This is an adult novel - there is a chapter called "Sex and Chocolate" - but it is, like most of my work, a fable nonetheless and yes, there be fairies. Well, a mad Irish pĂșca to be exact. Oh, warning, there are some parts that are fairly harrowing but what can I say, it's about life, the universe and everything and that means there are inevitably dark things in it. Hope you enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

I just pre-ordered People of the Great Journey on Amazon. I read
the book in manuscript form and
am salivating to read this fantastic mystical journey in published form.
I've been a fan of OR Melling's Y/A fantasy fiction and hope to see more of her adult fiction.
A big fan from across the pond,
Keeping the Faith!