Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Rest Day in Najera

Alas, unable to upload photos to the library computer (understandably) so can´t include visuals but maybe I can do it in one of the albergues. We´ll see. It´s almost impossible to describe this experience at the moment. There isn´t time to absorb or reflect. Too much happens in any given day - miles walked, food eaten, people met, languages spoken, churches visited (the exquisite gold altars). Then I barely have time to make some notes about the day as I have to take a shower, wash my clothes and fall exhausted into bed at 10:00 pm. Funny thing, the snoring doesn´t affect me at all! I thought it would be a nightmare. But I lie in my bunk bed every night in a room full of men and women and I think "here I am with all my brothers and sisters on the Camino." I´ve come up with a title for my book if I do sit down and write one: Hobo Soul. It would be my first work of creative non-fiction, not counting reviews and articles.


Anonymous said...

Hello, my favorite writer. I wish with all my heart that the day of rest in Najera for your cold serve for you to continue your path full of energy. Only in this way can you finish the feat of stepping through and reflect in your journal every few experiences living in it. Greetings Vicent, Najera's hospitalero voluntary

OR Melling said...

Hola my favourite hospitalero! I am still telling people how well you looked after me when I was sick, mo chara Vicent. Now I am in Foncebadon ready to walk tomorrow to the Crux Ferro and on through the Montes Leon. El Camino Santiago es el camino de vida y alma!