Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pema and the Yak

Here's a pic of my friend Siofra O'Donovan's new book coming out soon with Pilgrim Books based in Varanasi, India. I read an early version of the manuscript and loved it, so can't wait to read the final edition. It's everything the armchair traveller with spiritual leanings could hope to read about Tibet in exile. The cover was painted by the author herself. She's in India at the moment, lucky thing. Here's the publisher's site (they do gorgeous books):

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Kevin said...

I found this book both entrancing and disturbing. Having read Siofra's "Malinki" I expected something well written and deeply true. But the move from Nazi Poland to India was unexpected and startling in its impact - that dimension of global brother/sister-hood and our responsibilities to speak up when the "very stones cry out". Moving and deeply true.