Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Duchess

Here's a pic of my beloved vintage Triumph Herald (1969) whom I called "the Duchess." She was my very first car and I was heart-broken when I could no longer keep her; but she went to a very good home. (A very leprechaunish man, in fact.) She appears in various guises and colours in every one of the books in The Chronicles of Faerie series which is how I kept her in my life. That's me sitting on the boot, by the shore of Lough Swiligh on the western shore of Inch Island, a setting in The Hunter's Moon. If you peer through the back window you will see a baby seat and Findabhair is fast asleep inside.


Sabrina said...

I'm happy to hear that was actually your car at one point. It's almost its own character in your novels, isn't it? I'm glad it went to a leprechaunish man!

OR Melling said...

Yes, he is a farmer who lives on top of a hill and has a second barn in which he keeps his show cars. He is small and roly poly and has apple cheeks and his name is Mr Wiggins! (Honest to God.) I would not have given her to anyone else. Alas, that I couldn't afford to keep her. Vintage cars are like race horses; you must have bags of money to own them. Children's writers are like match girls; they don't earn a lot(JK notwithstanding!

Anonymous said...

*waves hello to little napping Findabhair*