Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ah, Canada!

So far, so amazing. It took forever to arrive given that I was over-cautious on my booking of the airplane between New York and Toronto. I was an insane amount of time hanging around in La Guardia (but I flew in to JFK on Aer Lingus, my favourite airline, though the food is suddenly dreadful). Anyhoo, finally got to TO and stayed with a dear friend on Brunswick Avenue before heading off to Cobourg Library via VIA Rail for my first gig. Great chatting to over 100 kids in a beautiful spacious library (pic to follow). Met local authors Shane Peacock and Richard Scrimger. Then headed off to Montreal where I am now luxuriating in the belle hotel Delta near Magill University. Speaking there tonight to student teachers in the Faculty of Education and any members of the public who wish to attend. What a city. Wandered the streets last night with a dear friend and was dazzled by the fairy lights, the friendliness of folk, and the general atmosphere of joie de vivre. Je retournerai.

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Bernard said...

DELTA?! Wow, we don't travel cheap, do we? Net thing you know the next stay will be at the Ritz...

Anyways, glad to see you like Montréal. 'tis indeed a wonderful city been to the Vieux-Port yet?

See you tomorrrow,