Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cybils Awards

Here's something every teacher, librarian, writer, reader, blogger, and blurker should know about: www.cybils.com. These are awards set up by the growing world of Kidslit websites and blogspots. I'm delighted to see that The Summer King got a nomination in the Sci Fi and Fantasy section and from none other than Sheila Ruth of www.wandsandworlds.com, one of the biggest and most amazing of the aforementioned sites. Sheila and her son, David, interviewed me when I visited Baltimore on my US tour in the summer. You can check out the interview in her blog's July 2006 archives. But do peruse the full site. It's 'fair teeming' with great stuff (as Tolkien would say).


Unknown said...

Wow, I'm honored. Thanks for your kind words about our site. Good luck to you in the Cybils!

OR Melling said...

Well, it's a great site, so not hard to say that. Love the dragon image. And thanks for the best wishes.