Monday, May 14, 2007

The Alchemyst

The new edition of The Light-Bearer's Daughter is dedicated to a dear friend and fellow writer, Michael Scott, whose own book - magical and amazing - is on its way out into the world this very month also. And Michael himself has just set out for a grand reading tour of America, including Hawaii, so keep a look out for him in case he is coming to your home. Here's his website if you want to know more about him: He is already famous for his many books on Irish fairy and folklore (some with gorgeous covers by Brian Froud) but this new fantasy series - which has been snapped up by New Line Cinema - is about to send him into the mega-stratosphere. And no better man. Hup ye boyo!


Anonymous said...

Is "The Alchemyst" written to expand off of the character from the Harry Potter series?

OR Melling said...

You mean Nicholas Flammel? He is a real life historical figure who was written about long before Harry Potter. (That's one of the many brilliant things about Ms Rowling. She mingles longstanding magical and mythical traditions with her own original take on the subject.) This book features the famous alchemist and sorcerer, Nicholas Flammel and his wife Perenelle, as well as John Dee, another historical figure and alchemist, who is the villain. I read the manuscript and I can tell you, it is brilliant!