Sunday, May 20, 2007

Off to the Country

I am off to the Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annagh-makerrig in County Monaghan for my annual get-down-to-serious work residency. The Book of Dreams needs to be wrestled to the ground and this will, I know, do it. I have almost finished reading/listening to it (see below) and making notes. Now I must re-work the demon line to co-ordinate with the new version of The Light-Bearer's Daughter and I want to revise Dana and Jean's line, also, i.e. develop it some more. Plus there is a lot of fat and unnecessary blather to trim. Meanwhile, here's a bluebell patch in the woods near Jampa Ling, the Buddhist retreat I go to in County Cavan. I've posted a pic of the big house on my regular blog. I think of Annaghmakerrig as my heart's home and Jampa Ling as my soul's home. And I know I am very lucky to have them both!


Anonymous said...

i loved this book soooooooooooooo much cause it took me in to a whole new world and i had an exciting adventure sitting right on my back porch.
i ve always seperated fact from fiction, but then i ve always belived faeries were real ,and always loved ireland for its greeness and hardship.
i one day wish to travel there and meet the sidhe.

OR Melling said...

Oh, thank you! What a lovely pick-me-up for the day. Never under-estimate the power of positive feedback to a tormented artist. But you don't have to go to Ireland to meet the Sídhe. Ask them to enter your dreams. You never know. They may come.