Monday, October 01, 2007

Going Like the Clappers

Yes, I am happy to report that I am slow to blog these days because I am working away on my two new books. So far, so good. I've mapped out the first of a new YA series chapter by chapter - 23 so far - with titles for each (a new one for me). Now I am blocking out the chapters and writing first draft material with two chapters done so far. Hoping to block out a chapter a day but that may be too ambitious given that I have a load of house and business stuff to do, e.g. clearing out bookshelves, renovating shed, writing my speech for the event below, writing a paper for a book about Narniahhhh. Meanwhile, I am making notes and doing research for my adult novel. Very exciting. I know I am on the right path with these books as synchronicity - that long Jungian word for 'magic' - is already occurring for both. The YA book features Tara in a central role and, as you know from my Blog, I ended up there recently! The adult book takes place in the Outer Hebrides, which I visited two years ago, and some of the research is making the hair stand up on the back of my neck, because it points to exactly what I want to write about!!! (Sorry, can't be any more specific than that. As all writers will tell you, it's dangerous to talk about a work in its early stages. Like fairy fabric, it's weave if delicate and all too frangible. )

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