Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Running Interference

There's no doubt about it: when a book wants out, like a baby being born, it just keeps on coming and nothing can stop it! Never mind peace and quiet and no distractions. Today I had six workmen tramping in and out of the house, drilling in the porch and also outside on the driveway, plus blow torches welding pipes and setting off the smoke alarm and there I sat at my PC (now in the bigger living room for a more expansive writing environment) working away, chapter after chapter. Three today and a fourth mapped out. This is brillo. That's the YA book. Now back to research notes and early chapters of the adult one. Oh, and all the racket? New gas pipes going through the entire neighbourhood. Utterly necessary as these houses were built in "the Year Dot" as the foreman said to me.


KJH said...

What's the literary equivalent of "good luck?" Is it "break a pen?" In any case, I'll send you happy writing thoughts from across the pond. The new books sound tremendously exciting.

OR Melling said...

Thanks, Pomona! And sorry I didn't reply to your cold remedy query though here it is late: an infusion of crushed garlic, honey, lemon, and ginger made with boiled water and put through a strainer. Drink when warm. It sounds awful, tastes quite good, and works like a charm. I think it scares the bug out.

KJH said...

I'm fairly over my cold now, but I'll send the remedy over to my poor mum who is now worse off than I am.