Saturday, December 08, 2007

New Design

So this wonderful new look on my two blogs is a preview of the overall design that is being created for my website by the fantabulous Terry Findlay of Simtec. Isn't it only gorgeous? I'm thrilled to bits. Right now, however, I am also bug-eyed from trawling through data on the old site to update and send on to Terry. He's in Canada. I'm in Ireland. Fitting for an Irish-Canadian author, eh? With any luck ... what's that saying? ... the cows will be home for Christmas. (What an odd saying. You have to wonder where the cows went in the first place.) Anyway, I shall have a whole new look for the whole new year.


Anonymous said...

My kudos to Mr. Terry Findlay! As partial as I am to the old design, I must say this is a refreshing change.

Is the expression, in this context, "before the cows come home"? I think it's suppose to be something like "You can _________, until the cows come home" which means you'll be doing the activity for a very long time indeed. OR this could be not the least bit related to what you're talking about at all, haha.

Will we be getting updates on the new website's progress?

OR Melling said...

Hmm, I think this is a different seanfhocal (old saying)about cows. I loved the old website design too but it was time to update and, as you say, refresh. The new site design is almost done. Hope to have it up by next week!