Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snowy Canada

To balance snowy Ireland on my Blog, here's snowy Canada on my Book Blog. And of course this pic is appropriate here because it is of Creemore, the picturesque town featured in The Book of Dreams. This is where Dana's grandmother lives and also where several scenes are set, in particular the grand finale! By the way, Creemore was settled by the Irish in the 1800s and the town's name comes from croí mór, meaning "big heart." Also, by the way, that gorgeous signage was crafted by my friend Shane Durnford, local artist and artisan extraordinaire.

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Anonymous said...

I would live to read your book - I live in Creemore (very strange/funny story of how I ended up here) but I love it. The heart in this community certainly reflected from the village's name.