Thursday, May 01, 2008

Creative Writing Workshops

Finished up my writing workshops at Killruddery House today. It was a great week. I keep forgetting how much I like working with young people until I do it again. The ages varied from 10 to 14 and there was a good mix of country and city, Catholic and Protestant and non-denominational, and also all-boy, all-girl, and mixed-gender schools. Some wore uniforms, some didn't. There was one workshop in the morning, then we broke for lunch - for the adults, homemade sandwiches and lemon or coffee or carrot cake and tea or coffee, while the kids brought their own - then a second workshop in the afternoon. Each class would do an artistic workshop, either music or writing, plus an environmental workshop around the grounds. I always brought my class for a wild run through the giant labyrinth after we did our work. The Pushkin Trust is dedicated to encouraging creativity in young people and also environmental awareness, and they are also big on everyone having FUN. Will blog some more pics on my regular Blog as Killruddery House is so beautiful. Here's a pic of the house from the back. My workshop was held in the Orangerie with the glass dome (at the very left of the house photo) and here's an inside view of where we all sat and talked and imagined and wrote.

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Sabrina said...

This makes me wish I had gone to school in Ireland, to have such a beautiful place to write and my favourite author to teach me! So envious of those youngin's!