Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Killruddery House

I am teaching writing workshops all this week at Killruddery House, a stately home that - believe it or not - is just around the corner from where I live. (See: www.killruddery.com.) When you are on the estate you would not believe that there is a town nearby. It is as if you are out in the countryside, surrounded by mountains and beautiful vistas. The house and gardens are open to the public at different times of the year, but it is the home of Lord and Lady Meath who live there most of the time. I found this pic on the web but I will take more of my own tomorrow. Killruddery is a magical place with a giant maze, fairy amphitheatre, secret groves and hidden ponds. The writing workshops are for students who are bussed in from various Dubin and Wicklow schools. I've blogged about the Pushkin Trust programme before. Last year I was doing workshops in a stately home in Northern Ireland. As well as the writing workshops, there is also a music workshop and an environmental walk. We've had two great days so far as the sun shone and everyone was inspired.


Alisha said...

Wow, it sounds BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could take writing classes from you. :)

Anonymous said...