Wednesday, June 04, 2008


It is always bliss for me when my writing and my life go hand in hand. On Sunday I went to a Sweat Lodge in the Wicklow Mountains held by Carl Big Heart who comes from America. This was my fourth Sweat and the most enjoyable. Though there were about 50 people in the Lodge and it was a hot summery day, I did not feel claustrophic nor overcome by the heat and even went deeper inside, instead of staying near the door as is my wont. Carl Big Heart holds a very sacred and gentle space, using the Native way of humour and story to ease the experience. This was research for one of my characters, Loretta Whitedeer, in People of the Great Journey (Carl spoke of the Great Journey, the Great Story). It was truly wonderful. I even puffed on the Pipe in the last round, without feeling the desire to return to the dreadful habit of smoking. After the Sweat there was a big feast to which everyone contributed - homemade vegetable soup, dahl, salads of every kind, then desserts including pies, cakes, fruit, and even chocolate covered grapes! (Photo from Dutch site,

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