Thursday, June 12, 2008


I wish I could remember that the days I spend foostering around - reading or trawling the Internet or watching videos or doing housework or chatting with friends on the telephone - are times when my brain is lying fallow and my Muse is having a think about what She wants to write next. Too often I am wracked with guilt and panic about not writing, about the book withering away, about me dossing. Always, when I come back from these times, there is fresh life and material to bring to the story. If only I could remember that when I am giving myself a hard time (Irish Catholic guilt no doubt). The last few days I have spent most of my time considering the Lisbon Treaty, reading articles, and leaving comments on sites. I am now a solid NO on behalf of the voiceless people of Europe whose leaders have decided not to give them a vote on what is, in disguise, a reformed EU constitution. Truthfully, I would vote YES if the rest of Europe had a vote; but I do not believe that leaders have the right to drag their people kicking and screaming into what's good for them. They must convince their electorate or wait until they are ready. Anything else is misrule and tyranny. Right after I get back from voting, I will return to the Book.

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