Monday, November 17, 2008

Yellow Rose of Texas

Okay, that's the final corrected proofs of The Book of Dreams completed and off to New York by Fedex. Jaze, it's over 500 pages! I will never write such a big book again, I'm murthered. Now I am dashing about, getting ready for NCTE/ALAN in San Antonio, Texas. I am on two panels - one for the Green Earth Book Award winners (NCTE) and another on Elves and Fairies (ALAN). I'll also be signing gorgeous posters and books at the Abrams booth and books at the Benbella booth. Will list dates and times shortly, when I get my itinerary. Hope to see some of you there!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I really need your help, I have a book I want to publish, but I don't trust the other websites that I've never even heard of in books, so I was wodering if you could refer me to a good agent or someone that could get me published.

OR Melling said...

Hi Caitlin, your best bet is to look at Writer's Marketplace. Your local library should have an updated copy in their reference section. It has all kinds of information on agents, publishers etc Also the library may have "How to Get Published" books. You're right. It's hard to tell which sites are trustworthy and which aren't. But the library is something you can trust! Good luck.