Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nearly Dead Author

Today was the deadline for sending the ms of The Light-Bearer's Daughter. Did I make it? Well ... I sent 23 beautiful, tightly-finished chapters. There are 21 more to go. I have completed another 13 which just need a quick once-over and off they go too. And Chapter 36 is just about done. And then there are 8 left to be re-written. Fingernails worn to the bone, brain like gloop, crawling and gasping toward the finish line; books are completed in their own time. I'd be upset if I wasn't so happy with how it's turning out. And that is the bottom line. If it's turning out well - and it is! - a little bit of lateness is not a big prob. Must collapse into bed. More work tomorrow. There is nothing else but the work right now. The personal life is dead in Russia. (Favourite line from Dr Zhivago.)

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