Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This is Trawmore - Trá Mór, the Great Strand - also called Keel Strand, below the village of Keel. Those are the Cliffs of Minaun in the distance. In Laurel's dream, Midir and the fairy cavalcade come over the cliffs and down onto the beach. This is also where Ian carried Laurel, from the caves in the cliffs all the way along the shore. On a sunny day, everything shines - the sea, the sand, the sky. You cannot see where one begins and the other ends.


Michelle said...

The water here looks so clear and blue. It reminds me of the carribean (sp?) What wonderful pictures. It really cementes the images in my mind after reading the first two stories!

Hugs and congratulations on getting to the finish line on TBD!!!

Michelle said...

Okay...I just came over and re-read my comment and TBD really should be TLBD shouldn't it? I'm such a goofball and should never post late at night.

Hope the writing is going is well. Janie and I are in a marathon ourselves in which I'm supposed to be writing but it is still too early and I haven't had enough coffee yet. (you know us yanks and our coffee...LOL)

Love the pictures btw...they are fantastic!