Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nearly There

Yes, my editor now has forty (40) chapters and I am working on the last four (4). So the book has gone from an original 26 chapters plus epilogue to a full 44 chapters. That's some rewrite. Meanwhile, I tried to post the link that will bring you to this blog in Japanese on Yahoo, but no luck. It threw out all the graphics. Will ask my webmaster about it. But it is quite amazing to see. Who does the translation? It looks wonderful. And now there will be a post in Japanese about me writing about the blog in Japanese. A blog is a blog is a blog. Actually, my books sell better in Japan than they do in Ireland. (Typical, eh?) Hello to my Japanese readers! I hope to visit in 2007 when The Book of Dreams comes out in two volumes! More about that anon!


Anonymous said...

Oh that's so exciting! I can't wait to read all the new editions! Any idea why they aren't coming out in Canada yet (besides the new THM in the Golden Book)? I'm hoping the delay is due to some kind of uber marketing ploy by Penguin.

OR Melling said...

Well, Laura, Penguin Canada is hemming and hawing as they already have various editions on the market. I will keep you posted, but I AM urging them to bring out the new editions as I don't think it's fair that my Canadian readers -- who were my very first readers -- are the only ones who don't have them! (Oh, and the Japanese don't either.)

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the urging works! Canada (and Japan) needs the new editions!